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At a time when the majority of goods shipments from Europe were transported by rail, Nortrail was founded on 1st July 1967 by Rolf L. Kamsvåg. As one of the very first pioneers, Nortrail established itself on the norwegian market with transport routes based on trailer traffic between Norway and Germany. Thanks to innovation and fast transit times, Nortrail quickly established itself as a market leader for goods transport between the two markets. By 1969 Nortrail was represented by dedicated partners and regular traffic routes in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland in addition to a growing deep sea traffic to the USA.


Nortrail expanded its goods volume quickly in the proceeding years. From 1975 the company was represented over the whole of Europe with growing traffics and a steadily increasing volume of transports to and from Norway. Throughout the years Nortrail has continually invested in modern transport equipment and customer-friendly communications solutions. With this we aim to provide our customers and partners with innovative transport solutions in advance of industry development. When the norwegian customs began development of an electronic system for customs clearance, it was natural for Nortrail to take part in the development of the system which was later named TVINN. This is an electronic system for exchange of customs declarations with the business community. In May 1987, Nortrail was the first norwegian transporter to send an electronic customs declaration by EDI to the norwegian customs. From the beginning of the 1990s there was a tendency for larger and fewer constellations in Europe where Scandinavia was considered as one market. As a result of this, Nortrail helped establish in 1993 what is today Scandinavia's largest privately-owned transport network: Nordic Chain.

Rolf-André Kamsvåg, started his career in the company in 1991 and has since gone all ranks within Nortrail until 2005 after which he took over as the 2nd generation owner of the company. Rolf-André Kamsvåg is daily active and involved in the operation of Nortrail as executive chairman focusing on the constant development of the company at the forefront of the market. The current owner believes the present quality and technology are major milestones in the company and have great faith in the future where Nortrail has its absolute position in the market for customers where quality and communication matters.

Nortrail is today a specialist for trailer transports to/from the whole of Europe and Scandinavia. We are members of leading groupage networks both in Europe and globally, so that we can offer our customers solutions and service levels that are ahead of the market.


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