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Cost increases in connection with the EU Mobility Package

We refer to previous information and newsletters regarding the EU Mobility Package which have been decided to be introduced by the authorities before 02.02.2022. The statutory Mobility Package was adopted by the EU in 2020 and regulates provisions regarding wages and working conditions for drivers and vehicles. We see it as positive that the EU and the authorities are introducing regulations to improve the pay and living conditions of drivers. However, the regulations do not come without additional costs associated with this.

As a direct consequence of the new regulations, we will be forced to implement a surchargefrom 15.03.2022.

EU Mobility Surcharge

  • Sweden and Finland: 4.5%
  • Denmark: 11.8%
  • UK and Ireland: 4.5%
  • Rest of Europe: 7.9%

 The surcharge is calculated based on the shipping price and will appear on a separate item line on the invoice.

The costs as specified are those we know of now, but Nortrail will assess the development in the costs continuously and will adjust these in line with this.

If you have any questions, please contact your regular contact person with us.

Oslo, 23.02.2022

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