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Nortrail is now AEO certified!

Nortrail aims to be the preferred and most attractive partner in international transport and forwarding to and from Norway, and we work continuously to ensure a high quality of service!

For our international services, it is important for us to ensure that we work in a strict and professional manner in regards to security and customs regulations which will benefit our customers and partners!

It is therefore a pleasure to announce that we are now certified according to the AEO standards, a further step in our continuous quest for improvement! This means that the Norwegain Customs has evaluated all our procedures, facilities, finances and IT systems in respect to security and economic stability.

It is expected that a certification will in the future be a requirement for all businesses involved in international trade, as a consequence of the increasing threat to security and risk of economic crime.

For Nortrail this ensures that we are well prepared for the future whilst strengthening our competitive position in the market.

Nortrail is assigned certificate number: NOAEOS921633564

For further information please contact us.

Oslo 05.01.2015


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