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Tunnel rehabilitation program in Oslo 2015 - 2020..

...creates challenges for distribution in the Oslo area!

As from Monday June 1st 2015,  a comprehensive rehabilitation program to upgrade 10 road tunnels in Oslo in order to meet the EU tunnel directive will be started. Work on the various tunnels will take place over a 5 year period and is expected  to result in major challenges for the traffic flow in the Oslo area.

As of Monday 1st June at 21.00 hrs two of four lanes in the Smestad tunnel will be closed. From autumn the work will be expanded to the Granfoss tunnel and from January 2016 the Tåsen tunnel . The Ekeberg and Svartdal tunnel will start in 2017, and in 2018 the Festningstunnel and Vålerenga tunnel. In 2019 the Vaterland- and Hammersborg tunnel will be started upon. The work runs over 1-3 years in each tunnel, depending on the extent of the works needed.

The national road authorities have chosen to prioritize public transport and electric vehicles, while regular goods transports and deliveries will not be given priority.

The capacity of the affected routes will be greatly reduced and the consequence will be queues and delays while driving patterns change that will also affect other areas of the city.

It is currently difficult to predict how extensive the challenges will be, but our distribution and collection services in the Oslo area will unfortunately be affected by this.

We would hereby like to notify our customers that there will be deviations from normal production and leadtimes, and that the time window for special deliveries and collections might be changed. We will not be able to maintain guarantees for delivery within the agreed time frame for postcodes affected by this. Initially this applies to Oslo areas 2, 3, 7 and 8.

We will revert with more information about the consequences and measures needed to be taken, as soon as we have gained some experience with the situation.

Please contact us at  should there be a need for further information.

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