We have great expertise in shipping dangerous goods. With us, ADR/Dangerous goods are handled in accordance with the current regulations. All our employees who directly or indirectly deal with dangerous goods have courses and training in accordance with the EU's Council Directive EU-96/35, the Safety Directive and the latest ADR book.

For the transport of dangerous goods, we need the following information in order to accept the transport assignment:

  • Consignor
  • Consignee
  • UN number/designation
  • Number of parcels/itmes and quantity
  • Packaging - labelling

We handle most hazard classes with the following exceptions:

  • Explosives - except 1.4 S
  • Toxic gases (T) and empty, uncleaned packaging, with hazard label No. 2.3, excluding aerosols
  • Desensitized explosives in hazard class 3 and 4.1
  • Toxic substances in hazard class 6.1, packaging group I
  • Infectious substances in hazard class 6.2, category A
  • Radioactive materials - except packages with UN no. 2908 and up to and including 2911 which will possibly be accepted for transport

For dangerous goods to be transported, it is the consignors, and therefore also Nortrail's, responsibility to ensure that the consignments are properly labelled before transport begins, and that all necessary labels and signs are in place or available.

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