Nortrail has a large trailer fleet of our own equipment. In addition, we have access to large fleets through our partner networks in order to offer a capacity for every type of volume.
Trailer and Container spesifications
Trailer typesLengthWidthHeightDoor WidthDoor HeightSide opening
Curtainsider13,6 m2,48 m2,71 m2,45 m2,67 m2,65 m
Mega trailer13,6 m2,48 m2,94 m2,45 m2,90 m2,87 m
Box trailer13,6 m2,48 m2,70 m2,46 m2,70 m-
Thermo trailer13,3 m2,48 m2,60 m2,46 m2,60 m-
Container typesLengthWidthHeightDoor widthDoor heightCapacity
20'DC5,9 m2,35 m2,39 m2,34 m2,28 m33 cbm
20'OT5,9 m2,34 m2,35 m2,29 m2,25 m32 cbm
20'FR5,7 m2,36 m2,24 m---
20'Reefer5,45 m2,29 m2,25 m2,29 m2,24 m28 cbm
40'DC12,03 m2,35 m2,39 m2,34 m2,28 m67 cbm
40'DHC12,04 m2,35 m2,70 m2,34 m2,58 m76 cbm
40'ReeferHC11,58 m2,29 m2,50 m2,29 m2,50 m67 cbm
40'OT12,03 m2,34 m2,35 m2,29 m2,25 m64 cbm
40'FR11,66 m2,37 m2,28 m---
45'DHC13,56 m2,35 m2,70 m2,34 m2,58 m85 cbm
45'HCPW13,60 m2,42 m2,68 m2,36 m2,58 m88 cbm