Remarks of the damage / shortage must be noted in the consignment note / CMR / PDA. If the delivery conditions of the shipment are EXW / FCA, the claim must be directed to us in writing at our customer services department. A documented claim, showing the value and weight of the damaged / lost item, must be submitted. The commercial invoice is the basis for calculating the value of the goods. An item is only considered lost (shortage) when 60 days have passed after taking responsibility for the shipment. Claims for lost goodsshall be submitted after the deadline has expired. Should the value of the damaged/lost item prove to exceed SDR 8.33/kg, you should submit the claim to your own insurance company to have the entire amount recovered. No carrier have consequential liability, such as lost profits, waiting time etc. Your own transport insurance should take this into account. You can also choose not to have transport insurance of your shipments. You are then a self-insurer and must yourself bear the loss above SDR 8.33/kg. The claim upon receipt will be registered and processed. Expected processing time is up to 2-3 months, depending on the complexity of the case. Settlement of the claim is normally given after we have received the settlement of our recourse claim from the responsible party. If you want a quicker settlement, you should send the case to your own insurance company.