All assignments are carried out in accordance with the currently applicable provisions of the Road Freight Contracts Act, NSAB and the CMR Convention.
All carriers have limited liability for damage/shortage calculated upwards of SDR 8.33/kg of damaged or lost goods. SDR (also XDR) is an international currency for special drawing rights. The exchange rate can be found on the banks' currency pages here. SDR 8.33 amounts to 20.01.20. NOK 102.71/kg. No carrier have consequential liability.

For you as a customer, this means that if your cargo is worth more than the limitation amount per kilo, you should acquire a transport insurance to secure your values.

Whether you should acquire an insurance will also depend on the delivery conditions under which you have purchased the products. Who bears the transport risk - you or the consignor?

If the delivery terms are DAP or DDP, it is the consignor, if they are EXW or FCA, it is you. Whoever bears the transport risk should acquire an insurance for the goods.

We recommend that all our EXW customers acquires their own transport insurance.